Dr. Kinsel has been my family's doctor for the past 2 1/2 years. We have thrown a variety of health problems at her and she has always been great at treating us or appropriately referring to specialists as needed. Dr. Kinsel is an excellent physician and I frequently refer friends to her practice.

— Anonymous

I am currently a patient of Dr Kinsel’s. I will follow her wherever she goes if allowed. This past March she saved my life with her care. Words cannot express how much I appreciate that.

— Jim Hamon

Dr. Kinsel is calm, attentive, and willing to listen to our concerns. She is honest and carefully explains our options often multiple times to make sure we understand. She is particularly skilled at addressing stress-related matters, assuaging any anxiety, and offering real life suggestions and options. Dr. Kinsel offers well thought-out options and allows her patients to make decisions based upon clear information and options.

— Anonymous

The care I receive from Dr. Katherine Kinsel is no less than excellent. She ensures I am thoroughly educated, allowing me to make informed decisions regarding my health. Dr. Kinsel is knowledgeable and informative, and listens to my concerns and provides options for treatments. Dr. Kinsel is an exceptional physician. She has shown me respect and answered questions immediately. She is personable, pleasant, and supportive. It is rare to find a doctor who is able to take time to develop relationships with their patients these days. However, Dr. Kinsel does it! If you need a great doctor, Dr. Kinsel is the one you want. HIGHLY recommend!

— Sandra Pierce

Dr. Cady Brown is as good a doctor as you’ll ever find. I followed her from her former practice, and looking back at my reasoning, I’ve realized I was right, but I was also just a little bit wrong. Her medical knowledge and intellect seem unmatched. (OK, I’m sure she would say her partner is just as good.) She possesses an outstanding ability to listen, and it has to be outstanding because I can drone on forever, and she’s never once cut me off. She recognizes when a situation calls for a specialist, but not without sharing her thoughts so that you feel knowledgeable, and not without circling back to you later. That’s why I followed her to the new practice. It turns out, I’ve decided she has a quality that sets her further apart and is arguably even more important. When a doctor is this committed to seeing their patients healthy in all regards, and gives their time and attention like she does, one cannot help but double down and give themselves the highest care. I don’t always find it particularly fun to follow medical advice, but I find it less fun to ignore it when it comes from a place with this much sincerity and caring. Not sure how you write a prescription for that, but that’s good medicine.

— Dr. Darius Fatemi, Lexington, KY

Intelligent but also insightful, Dr. Cady Brown is a skilled, thorough, compassionate physician. She has treated me as a whole person instead of merely viewing a specific issue narrowly. Her vision is broad and her treatment and advice range from the narrowly targeted solution to a more holistic approach. She spends the time it takes to address every situation. I have been fully satisfied as her patient and would enthusiastically recommend her to my friends and family.

— Jennifer Coffman, Lexington, KY

Dr. Ryan Brown has been my primary care doctor for almost three years. I feel very fortunate to have found him. He cares about his patients and their wellness. The medical care I have received from him has been exemplary. I feel like I'm talking with a trusted friend because he listens to what I'm saying. I have recommended him to several of my friends and they have had the same experience. It's comforting to know I have such an outstanding physician.

— Mike Acord, Lexington, KY

I have found Dr. Cady Brown to be a thoughtful, thorough, caring and outstanding physician. I have recommended her to many acquaintances and they have voiced the same assessment of her. I feel I have received nothing but quality care from her. She is always willing to listen to any concerns and thoroughly discusses her decisions pertaining to health care recommendations.

— Ginny Howard, Lexington, KY

Dr. Ryan Brown knows me. And not just because he reviewed my chart before entering the exam room, but because he actually took the time to get to know me and my medical history. It’s what a doctor-patient relationship should be.

— Roscoe Klausing, Lexington, KY

Dr. Cady Brown has been a wonderful doctor to me. Dr. Brown takes the time to truly listen and understand my concerns. Her knowledge of how the body works is displayed in her ability to educate the patient in an easy to comprehend, yet thorough, manner. Her overall understanding of medicine gives me the confidence that she can treat a majority of issues without having to seek out specialist after specialist. And as a busy mom of three, I truly appreciate that!

— Cynthia Yeiser, DMD, Lexington, KY

I have seen Dr. Ryan Brown routinely for three years and he always takes time at each visit to address my questions. I leave each appointment feeling as if I was heard. After my first couple visits, I recommended my wife visit Dr. Brown. She did and now we both highly value his service and relationship. We’re hard to please. Dr. Brown passes our test — he’s at the top of the class.

— Franklin Gray, Lexington, KY

I’m 57 years old and Dr. Ryan Brown is the first doctor in my life that I feel is familiar with my history, listens to me, is truly concerned about my well being and makes me feel comfortable.

— Anonymous

Both my daughter and I are patients of Dr. Cady Brown. We love her! She is attentive, kind and caring. You don't ever feel as if she's in a hurry to go on to the next patient. She's very thorough and proactive when treating us and she listens to what we have to say and how we feel. One of the best primary care providers we've ever had.

— Cathy Sanders, Lexington, KY

Dr. Ryan Brown has been my doctor for 2 plus years now. I find him to be one who listens and is responsive to my questions and concerns. His responses are timely and appropriate for my health issues. I do not feel rushed or just like a number with Dr. Ryan. I am glad that I found him to handle my health issues.

— Samuel Davies, Barbourville, KY

I have been a patient of Dr. Cady Brown’s for three years, since she began practicing in Lexington. She is wonderful! During my annual physicals she is thorough, asks detailed questions and listens carefully to what I say. She truly wants to know me as a person and what is going on in my life. I have texted her with questions or concerns and she promptly responds. Once when I was out of town she called in a prescription to a local pharmacy where I was. I love the personal service! When I have needed to see a specialist she quickly makes the appointments and the specialists she has recommended were great. They, too, speak highly of Dr. Cady Brown. I have recommended Dr. Brown to family and friends and highly recommend her to anyone looking for a personal physician who wants the best health possible for you. I know I’m in great hands with Dr. Cady Brown as my physician.

— Barbara Thomason, Lexington, KY

Dr. Ryan Brown has been my primary physician during the past three years. As a senior person, I wanted a physician in an early career stage—someone with whom I might expect a long-term doctor/patient relationship. Also important in my selection was someone compatible with my focus on medical care to maintain “quality of life” and not necessarily on “length of life”. Dr. Brown has genuinely respected my opinion and has been straightforward in our interactions and determination of treatment options, when required. Particularly noteworthy, in my opinion, is Dr. Brown’s ability to interact in a professional, yet relaxed manner with his clientele. He listens respectfully to patient concerns and discusses diagnosis and viable treatment options with them. Based on my interactions as a patient of Dr. Ryan Brown, I am pleased to recommend him, without reservation, to persons seeking a professionally well-trained specialist in internal medicine. His interpersonal skills provide patients with a sense of comfort and his medical knowledge inspires their confidence.

— Dr. Daniel R. Reedy, Ph.D., Lexington, KY

I started seeing Dr. Cady Brown several years ago and I am so glad that I did. After having a baby, my own health needed attention and I realized it had been years since I'd had a proper check up! Dr. Brown takes plenty of time to answer all of my questions and discuss my concerns without making me feel rushed, but also respects my time as a busy working mom by keeping wait times minimal. I really feel like she's gotten to know me, allowing her to take a holistic approach to treatment which is so important to me as a patient. I've recommended Dr. Brown to quite a few friends, all of whom have been very pleased with her care and would recommend her to anyone looking for a primary care provider.

— Tiffany Fleming, Lexington, KY

Dr. Ryan Brown has a great manner, and is a super intelligent and caring doctor who has made my life better.

— Anonymous

I have found Dr. Ryan Brown to be one of the most knowledgeable and caring physicians a patient could encounter. He takes the time to explain and answer all questions a patient might have about why he has to take specific medications.

— James Kyner, Lexington, KY