Health & Wellness

Below are some benefits you will enjoy at Downtown Drs. Brown that are normally not found in a traditional primary care office.

  • A significantly smaller panel of patients allows for unhurried and relaxed office visits so that we can…

    — Answer all your questions at each visit
    — Understand your medical history and personal health preferences
    — Explore more deeply the root cause of illnesses and symptoms
    — Focus on your overall happiness and well-being, not just sickness

  • Physicians provide traditional medicine with an open mind to alternative treatments, which allows your care and plan to be customized.
  • Emphasis on nutrition, fitness and lifestyle as prevention and treatment for disease processes.
  • Medication evaluation and coaching with an effort to streamline usage.
  • Partnerships with providers of non-traditional services such as yoga, acupuncture, meditation, Pilates, nutrition education, therapy, health coaching, biofeedback, massage therapy and various other holistic approaches.
  • As a member of a small and personalized membership practice, you should have decreased Urgent Care and Emergency Room visits, as well as fewer hospitalizations.

Outside-the-Box Opportunities

Communication, Time & Convenience