To Our Patients

Drs. Cady & Ryan Brown

We have truly enjoyed the privilege of developing meaningful relationships with each of you during the past three years. The patient-physician relationship provides the most fulfilling aspect of our work, and it is the impetus for our current office change. We are thrilled to tell you about our new, personalized medicine practice, Downtown Drs. Brown. We opened on September 17th in the former Jefferson Center building (now named West on 2nd) near downtown Lexington.

Our new clinic model gives us the space and time to practice a higher level of individualized care. This includes a heightened focus on wellness and prevention. Let us explain.

Why make a change?

The healthcare landscape is changing in ways that make it difficult for a corporately owned primary care office to provide customized care for patients. With greater demands on physicians from insurance and regulatory forces, face-to-face time between patients and their physician is being eroded. This problem will only worsen as a greater number of patients seek care from a decreasing number of primary care doctors. Our new clinic model was born as a necessity to wrestle control back from these outside forces. We are able to once again put the utmost focus on the patient-physician relationship, which we believe is paramount to providing fantastic medical care.

What does our change mean for you?

Essentially, all of us want to be treated with respect by a caring physician who is committed to our individual health. Our new practice sees a limited number of patients via a membership fee covering an extended exam and additional services not covered by insurance. By using a membership model of primary care, it has been shown patients receive better care (fewer hospitalizations, fewer specialist referrals and fewer overall medicines), while also gaining a sense of control in their health. This model eliminates the rush of an overbooked schedule; now we can take more time to understand your history and know your goals for the future, as well as foster a greater connectivity with you to meet those goals.

Joining our much smaller practice will allow you to enjoy significant benefits not typically found in a medical practice today — which should translate into better health and vitality for you. These are a few of the benefits you will experience:

  • You’ll always see your doctor. Each visit. Every time. There will be no nurse practitioners or physician assistants.
  • Direct availability to your doctor via cell phone, text message, and email throughout the year — for your peace of mind and possibly eliminating the need for an appointment altogether.
  • Extended and relaxed office visits so that all your questions can be addressed. This allows us space to explore more deeply the root cause of issues that are not always evident on first glance. It also allows us time to discuss optimal health, rather than simply taking care of sickness when it arises.
  • Same-day or next-day appointments for your complete convenience, and brief or no office wait time so you may return to your day as soon as possible.
  • If you are hospitalized, we will see you in the hospital and act as your healthcare advocate to help coordinate care with your assigned physicians. Having your primary care physician by your side in the hospital is invaluable.
  • Annual Wellness Visit with a customized plan to improve your quality of physical and mental health. There will be close monitoring of this plan throughout the year with necessary adjustments. The plan may include health coaching, yoga, meditation, acupuncture, therapy, nutrition education and various other holistic approaches.

In summary, our new model allows time to focus on wellness and disease prevention, a cornerstone of primary care. And of course, we continue to care for patients with chronic or complex diseases, as well as any urgent needs. Regardless of your health status, your physician will be directly involved in every level of your care with detail that was not possible in our prior practice. We are confident our new office will redefine your expectations for medical care.

Again, it is a privilege to be your physician. We are very passionate about the change we have made. It allows us a better venue to practice medicine at our utmost skill, which should lead to a healthier and happier you.

With warm regards,

Drs. Cady and Ryan Brown